Mentoring Women to Express
Their Vision in the World

Award-winning coach Mary O’Connor has helped more than 3,500 businesses accelerate their success, make a bigger impact and increase profitability. A sales expert with 30-plus years of experience, Mary has worked with companies such as KPMG, Genetech, YWCA, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, New Leaf Paper and Solar Sonoma County.

Growing up on Long Island as the oldest of nine children, Mary learned early on how to manage multiple priorities.

She worked her way through college tending bar and waiting tables and graduated with a degree in Anthropology. As an archeological specialist for the California Office of Historic Preservation, she achieved the remarkable feat of getting all of the archeological records from basement storehouses input into a central computer data base.

She discovered her passion for making the world a better place and determined to get into the solar industry. She got hired as the General Manager for a solar company in Sacramento, and turned that company around in one month. It was out of her commitment to promoting solar energy that Mary realized selling was both fun and lucrative, and she was good at it.

Mary O'Connor
Mary O'Connor

In 1986, Mary started an event planning company with 2 other women, and she grew their annual sales from $100,000 to $2 million in only two years. Mary then went on to start her own event company, Excellent Eventures, which she ran successfully for five years.

Starting her coaching business in 1997, Mary filled her practice in only eight weeks. She believed that it was possible to unlock the potential inside of people and the results were undeniable. One client, who was in the very competitive workshop business, was able to double his revenue in six months. Another client successfully sold his business for $5 million with Mary’s guidance.

A different approach…

With a background in psychology and interest in heart-centered spirituality, Mary’s approach to coaching is equally transformative as it is pragmatic. With compassion and lazar sharp insight, Mary moves her clients beyond their limitations and into success by shifting both beliefs and behavior.

Today she proudly runs a highly successful coaching practice helping other businesswomen access their “inner entrepreneur” and live their biggest vision.

Mary is a sought-after speaker who brings her wit and wisdom to women across the country, inspiring them to claim their gifts and take a stand for a profitable business.

She is a former adjunct professor at Sonoma State University and holds an MA in Organizational Development.