Discover How to Create a 6-Figure Business

In One Empowering Weekend!

September 23rd & 24th 2017

9:30 am – 5:30 pm

Join Mary O’Connor, an expert in sales,
as she walks you through the steps
to creating a
High-Impact, High-Income Business!

Are you someone who wants to make a huge impact on the planet?
Do you want to be well paid for your gifts? 

Are you frustrated because you deliver Great Results but you are not
making the kind of money you want?

As visionary entrepreneurs we are used to giving and giving and not really getting the income we want. We consistently over-deliver and under-charge. We feel overwhelmed and stuck but have no idea what is wrong. It can be frustrating because you know in your heart that you have a huge gift to give and yet you are not sure what to do to make the marketing side work better.

Special Ticket Offer Only $97!
(a $997 Value!)

Do any of these resonate with you?

  • You over-deliver, causing you to work too hard and you’re not sure how to shift your business and still feel in integrity with the value you offer?
  • You under-charge, knowing when you take an honest look inside that you’re worth more?
  • You’re “selling your time”, leaving you feeling exhausted and stuck in a model that doesn’t serve you anymore?
  • You want to help greater numbers of people than you are right now, but you’re not sure what to do to make that happen, given your current business model and time?
  • You wish someone would just hand you a plan, making it easy for you to rapidly expand into a whole new level of income, excitement and freedom in your business?
  • You know in your heart there is so much more that is possible for you than what you’re experiencing now, if only you had the right systems?

If you answered “YES” to one or more of these, then this is an exciting moment for you! You are in the right place and this is your time! I invite you to take a giant step forward in your business at…

Special Ticket Price of  $97

(value $997)

The Ecstatic Selling Summit is for you if you’re in the business of transformation and empowering others and you are ready to:

  • Jump into new levels of income, freeing your time and your energy
  • Discover marketing strategies that are simple, easy and profitable
  • Create your first (or your next) 6 figures, with ease
  • Get out of fear, and into clarity with a do-able plan and an unstoppable sense of purpose
  • Get proven systems that make increasing your income step-by-step


Get INSPIRED and into ACTION in this

one powerful weekend!

Here’s a glimpse of the agenda and of the powerful transformation that awaits you…

  • Create Your Inspiring Vision
  • Have a Mindset Breakthrough that Transforms You and Your Business
  • Clarify your Niche
  • Learn the 5 Keys to Creating Consistent Clients
  • Experience the Pleasure of the Ecstatic Selling System

Mindset Breakthrough Method

Your mindset is the operating system that dictates how successful you are going to be. It rules everything! And mostly it operates under the radar of our consciousness.

In order to be a high-income, high impact-entrepreneur, you need to understand what your current mindset is, and recalibrate it to adjust to your new breakthrough goals.

In this session you’ll discover a powerful breakthrough technology that will enable you to reset your mindset so that you can achieve your new goals with ease.

  • Discover the specific mindset formula that pre-determines success and how to use it every day to accelerate reaching your next level of income and impact.
  • Discover how to not get stuck in resistance and instead say yes to magical opportunities calling you forward into your highest and greatest self
  • Do you feel that you must choose between making money and losing your freedom, or even having to give up spending time with the people you care about? We’ll show you a simple technique for ” generating positive beliefs” so you can increase your income without giving up the quality time you value.
  • The energy and emotions that help you start your business aren’t the same ones that will take you to your next level of income and impact.
  • Learn which specific energies to tap into for each of the 3 key phases of business development you’ll go through. 


Creating a 6-Figure Business Model

All successful businesses have at their core a model that determines how much money that business can make. As solo-preneurs and small business owners we don’t always realize that the design of our business may be limiting our income. Creating a system-based business model will free up your time, and enable you to generate way more money, and help many more people.

Here’s how they do it…

Conversations That Create Consistent Clients

Imagine being able to predict (and be in control of) your income, month after month. Learn how to master “Discovery Sessions” with respect, grace and ease…transforming conversations into paying clients, on-the-spot. Here’s how…

  • Follow our step-by-step ESS sequence so you never again hesitate to offer a “free consultation. You’ll feel confident, prepared and ready to hear, “Yes!” (TEMPLATE INCLUDED)
  • Discover critical “rapport-building” skills that create deep connection and trust at every step of your discovery sessions. With the skills, you’ll feel in integrity, and in alignment with your highest self, resulting in more clients hiring you.
  • With my “5 Step to Ecstatic Selling” template, you’ll be enrolling clients on-the-spot with authenticity, trust and ease (you’ll get a chance to practice in the workshop!)
  • I will show you simple strategies to create income any time you want, with a steady stream of potential clients
  • We’ll coach you through a proven mindset that will instantly shift your thoughts, feelings and beliefs about enrolling conversations. With this, you’ll be freed of fear and ready to be paid for your gifts.

Strategic Money Mindshifts

It’s time to align your spiritual tools with intention to delivering your gifts and make awesome money.

  • How 5 minutes per day can radically shift your relationship with money. This super strategy gives you a quick way to rapidly ramp up your income.
  • My favorite tool for rapidly increasing your income, and being empowered around your numbers (ending once a for all “terminal vagueness”!)
  • The 4 numbers to track that will empower you to make new and profitable decisions in your business, starting today, (TRACKING SHEET INCLUDED) so you can forget complicated tracking systems and endless spreadsheets.
  • The illuminating power numbers have to help you make business decisions with grace and ease, even if you’re not a “numbers gal.”


Why Attending the Ecstatic Selling Summit

Will Make this Your Most Profitable Year Ever!

Get A Blueprint For Adding $5,000 per month to Your Business

Imagine how good it will feel to have a proven system for adding $5,000 or more a month to your business. How would that change your life? How much more confident, creative and excited would you feel? And how empowered would you be, saying to yourself “I did it!”?

You Get Your Daily and Weekly Marketing Plan For Your Business

Your time is valuable and every minute you spend in your business should be productive and profitable, helping you to attract, enroll and serve new clients…while making more money than you ever thought you could.

You will discover step-by-step, how to plan your day and which marketing actions you should focus on so that you feel clear and excited every morning when your feet hit the floor…and fulfilled at the end of each day.

Included: Detailed templates, guides and checklists you can use immediately.

One Profitable Idea Can Accelerate Your Business To The Next Level

Your most inspiring ideas don’t happen sitting at home, feeling isolated in your business. Creating a profitable service business requires creativity and collaboration as well as strategy. Which means you need to yourself in an environment where entrepreneurs are up to big things in their businesses.

You’ll get training on business-building strategies that work, to help you transform your business.

Included: Specific money-making strategies, plus templates, scripts, checklists and more, to support your success.

You’ll Create Connections That Will Help You Grow Your List And Open New Doors Of Opportunities

This community of visionary entrepreneurs is creative, generous, and committed people who want to make a huge difference in the world. During the workshop you’ll have plenty of opportunities to expand your circle of influence, meeting other women who will support and collaborate with you.

Included: Ample networking time to make new connections, helping you to grow your list and expand your opportunities.

The Ecstatic Selling Summit

is focused on getting you into action quickly and easily

September 23rd and 24th

9:30 am – 5:30 pm

at the beautiful

745 Baywood Dr.
Petaluma, CA 94954

“Your Success is Guaranteed”

We are so confident in the marketing training you’ll receive at the Ecstatic Selling Summit, that if you feel we’re not delivering on what is promised on this website, simply turn-in all your materials before the end of the first day, let us know why, and we will mail you a check for a full 100% refund of your ticket investment within 30 days.

Register now to lock in the savings, and start seeing yourself feeling inspired and connecting with like-minded visionary women, and see yourself creating clients with ease.

Listen to what our clients have to say…

“If you are a visionary entrepreneur struggling to get your work and your message out to the world, get yourself into one of Mary O’Connor’s workshops as soon as possible! Through Mary’s expert coaching I got crystal clear about the exact steps I need to take to bring my business to a higher level of success and connect with more of the people I’m meant to serve.”

— Christine Tulis, Visionary Harpist

“it was one of the best workshops I’ve ever been to in 45 years! I loved the vibration of all the people there- a very high vibration of love and connection. I enjoyed the way Mary presented the material: it was interactive, with lots of group activity. And the dancing was amazing. I gained more confidence in my ability to move into my real estate work with clarity, after being retired for five years.”

— Barbara Haen, Realtor

“In working with Mary, I built a successful workshop business that lasted 15 years! This whole time she has held me with her empathic and empowering presence and encouragement. She continues to be a stand for my highest potential and expression. She is the BEST! “

— Rajyo Markman, From Midlife Meltdown to Metamorphosis