Discover the Steps to Attracting All the Ideal Clients You Want

In One Empowering Day!


April 5th, 2019



Mary O'Connor - The Ecstatic Entrepreneur


Join Mary O’Connor, an Expert

in Empowering Women Entrepreneurs,

as She Reveals the Steps to

Creating a Highly Profitable Business.


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Are you a woman entrepreneur who wants to make a big impact and make great income at the same time? Do you want to start playing a bigger game?  

If you want to create a satisfying business where you get to contribute to people while receiving a great income without struggling, this is the place to be!

Are You Frustrated Because You are Not Making the Kind of Money You Want?

As women entrepreneurs, we are trained to think that giving is our job. We are not trained to ask for a lot of money, nor to expect it. We consistently over-deliver and under-charge. And we can then feel overwhelmed and frustrated because we have no idea how to change our conditioning. We know that we have great gifts to give but yet we are not sure how to make the business side work to our best advantage.

Do you…

  • over-deliver, causing you to work too hard?
  • under-charge, feeling guilty if you ask for too much
  • bill by the session, leaving you feeling exhausted?
  • feel unsure of how to expand your business without becoming more overwhelmed?
  • secretly wish someone would just do it for you?


If you answered “YES” to one or more of these, then this is your moment!

You are in the right place and this is your time!

I invite you to take a giant step forward in your business at…

Attract Clients Now

April 5th, 2019

Asheville, NC


Experience a breakthrough that will enable you to enable you to generate all the ideal clients you need to create a 6-figure income, and become the confident, successful woman entrepreneur you are destined to be!

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Special Scholarship Offer Open Now!

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The Attract Clients Now Summit is for you if you’re in the business of serving people and you’re ready to:

  • Unleash the power of your inspiring vision
  • Make offers that are irresistible
  • Create a steady stream of ideal clients
  • Dramatically increase your effectiveness at selling and closing clients
  • Make a huge impact on the planet

Get INSPIRED and into ACTION in this one powerful day!

 attract clients now

Here’s a glimpse of the awesome agenda that awaits you…

  • Create Your Inspiring Vision
  • Have a Mindset Breakthrough that Transforms You and Your Business
  • Clarify your Niche
  • Learn the 5 Keys to Creating Consistent Clients
  • Experience the Pleasure of the Ecstatic Selling System

The Attract Clients Now Summit will get you into action quickly and easily.

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($497.00 Value)

Get your ticket today!


The only way to get this content, all of the handouts, checklists and templates, and to be a part of this inspiring community is by attending LIVE in beautiful Asheville, NC!


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Listen to what our clients have to say…

Alana Jelinek“This workshop taught me what I paid $90,000 to get from my MBA program but didn’t.”

– Alana Jelinek, FARMCreative, Marketing and Design 

Laura Haddock“Attending Mary’s seminar and applying these new skills has directly increased my businesses income by 600%!”

– Laura Haddock-Tachis E.A., P&L Bookkeeping Services

photo jesse bloom“Since I have been working with Mary I’ve seen my coaching practice explode, while becoming more manageable. She’s awesome and fun.”

 Jesse Bloom, Leadership Coach

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Special Free Scholarship Offer Open Now!


Get More Profitable Ideas to Elevate You and Your Visionary Business.

Many women entrepreneurs feel isolated and alone, and that can stifle creativity and dampen our enthusiasm.  The most exciting new ideas happen in stimulating empowering environments. You deserve to be in the company of other visionaries who are learning and creating a new possibility on the planet, creating a world that works for everyone!

You’ll get training on business-building strategies that work to help you transform your business.

Create Connections That Will Open New Doors Of Opportunities.

The people who attend Mary’s events are the most inspiring, creative, powerful, supportive women who are committed to making a HUGE impact in the world. During this summit you’ll have plenty of opportunities to expand your network and meet other women who will support your vision in the world.

Who you will meet here is almost as much value as what Mary will be teaching! You can find your next strategic partner, or someone who may be a potential client, or who wants to be a joint venture partner and help you build your list or gets you on their radio show.  You never know so you have to show up and find out!

You will have plenty of time to network to make new connections, and create the conscious community of inspired women entrepreneurs that are helping to create a new economy and a support you to expand your possibilities!

Special Free Scholarship Offer Open Now!