Unleashing the Power of Visionary Entrepreneurs

with Mary O’Connor

Are you over-giving and under-earning?

Do you find yourself avoiding making sales calls?

Are you having trouble converting potential people into ideal clients?

“Unprofitable and stressful” shouldn’t be the
first words you use to describe your business!

It’s time to make a change.

Convert leads, make money, live your vision, convert leads into clients

Step into your brilliance.

You have a mission that matters. You can have all the clients you want and make great money so you can have a profound impact. Stop worrying – get a plan and take action.

Attract clients. Make money. Live your vision.

Mary O’Connor leads businesswomen beyond limitations so that you can activate your inner genius and achieve results beyond your imagination

By listening on all levels—practical, emotional and psychological—Mary gets to the root of what’s blocking your brilliance. Remarkably canny and armed with years of do-it-yourself gusto, Mary leads you to the proven pathway of ecstatic results.

Attract the clients you want
Increase your productivity
Make more profit
Create the impact you want

Empathic, authentic, savvy—Mary will help you
step up and step into your power as an entrepreneur.

Get ready to make your vision come true!

Success Stories

Leslis Ellis

“Hiring Mary was the smartest thing I did!  She has been invaluable. In just a few months, I have signed up seven clients!”

Leslis Ellis, Savvy Selling NOW!

Torrey Douglas

“Through Mary’s workshop I’ve grown my confidence, clarity, and income. Thanks to the invaluable tools she taught, I now sell projects where both my clients and me come out winners.”

Torrey Douglas, Web Designer